It has always been an interest of mine to consider the nuances involved in my encounters with others, those that are nourishing and even those that are more distasteful for some reason. In recent years, my interest has broadened to include encounters with animals, nature, books, movies and now, online conversations with people who I treasure yet may never meet.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Versatile Bloggar Award

A most favorite author has nominated my blog to receive the Versatile Blogger Award. I am honored to accept this award from British author, Felicity Lennie. Fel is not only an author of 14 fantastical novels but also the creator of a variety of marvelous blogs.

My acceptance requires only that I thank Fel (Hugs!), add her blog’s link to my page and that I paste the award on my blog.  Her main blog, Fel-osophy, delights me, engages me and offers me a walk in her shoes. Fel-osophy can be found Here as well as connections to Fel's other blogs which include Castaway On The Island of Books (Authors), 21st Century Verse and Castaway on Stargazy Island (Astronomers et al).

  On a personal note, my acceptance requires that I share with you 7 facts that you do not yet know about me. Lastly, I must nominate, to also receive the award, 15 blogs that I personally enjoy and consider interesting.

7 things you might not know about me:

1.     In 7th grade, the first time that I marched with the band onto the football field, I was so filled with nervous excitement that I peed in my white uniform pants. Told my mom it was grape drink. She never questioned me or said a word until much later in my life.

2.     After I got my college degree, I worked at a gas station in Lexington, Ky. This decision moved my life in interesting directions.

3.     For two summers while going thru college, I was chosen to be my home town’s swim coach. Learned A LOT about dealing with parents!

4.     Felicity and I have something in common. On one of my dates, Dave and I hiked through the larger sewers in Alexandria, Va. It took 4 pairs of socks to fill out a pair of his Army boots!

5.     One night in the mid-1970’s driving into downtown Washington, D.C. on the way to a night club, my car’s windshield was hit by a small bottle bomb. It sounded like a gunshot.  Scary since the era was one full of unrest.

6.     In 1986, I quit my job as a hospital recruiter, sold off jewelry & furniture and headed out West in an old Fiat convertible. My goal was to ‘find myself’ camp and hike the 5 National Parks in Utah. I was away for almost 3 months.

7.     In New Mexico after a 7-hour hike up and down 5 ravines, I tripped over a curb in a parking lot that night on my way to a ranger talk. After landing at the bottom of a lot of concrete stairs, I lay there and laughed. Bummed up my knee a wee bit.

Listed below are my nominees to receive The Versatile Blogger Award. The authors' posts are not only versatile yet also, flavorful, fun, insightful and interesting.  Of course, no one is under any obligation to participate; only if it fits for you. This is an award that is meant to be fun and to share our favorite blogs with others. 

1.       Madeline Sharples' blog, Choices, engages me, heart and mind. She offers poetry and down-to-earth posts about day-to-day life, writing, and publishing. A published author, enjoy her posts Here.

2.       Micki Peluso's blog, A Writer's Journey, often has a post that has me laughing myself to tears. She is 'Irma Bombeck' personified! She offers book reviews in between articles about comical, everyday life relationships. Micki is a published author. Enjoy her posts Here.

3.       Arleen Alleman has posts  on Life In Synergy that educate as to the habits that help one to live more healthily, more synergistically in our world. As a published author, she flavors her site with photos from cruises and her Darcy novel updates. Her posts can be viewed Here.

4.       Sonia Marsh spices up her Gutsy Story blog with posts from a wide variety of guests, most of whom are authors. All articles are engaging, educational and fascinating. I am looking forward to the publication of her first memoir. Enjoy those gutsy stories Here.

5.       Jan Romes, a published author, flavors her blog with guest author interviews, yummy recipes and updates regarding her sexy, fun romance novels. Enjoy her posts Here.

6.       Daisy Hickman's posts on Sunny Room Studio keep me steady and delightfully in touch with the spiritual aspects of life. Her photos of nature in her part of the world are beautiful.  Enjoy Daisy's posts Here.

7.       Muriel Demarcus delights me with her posts about living in London as a French woman. I am often educated yet always am treated to a charming, flavorful read! Enjoy her posts Here.

8.       Helen Carey, a published author, has a regular post, 'Words are like local shops,' that delights me with a slew of underused words. Other posts reflect engaging ideas and interests for both readers and writers. Her posts can be viewed Here.

9.       Julia Hughes has an interesting and zesty blog that offers snippets of a variety of life and events in London. A published author, there is usually a free promotion available. Enjoy her posts Here.
10.     Ingrid Michaels, a published author, hosts her reviews of other authors' books as well as updates regarding the promotion of her own sexy, romantic yet informative novels. Her posts can be viewed Here.

11.     Nik Barnabee, a cat lover like me, has a page on her blog, CatWorld, that is delightful and heart-warming. She is a published author and flavors her posts with points of views that are interesting and often witty. Enjoy her posts Here.
12.     Angela Felsted writes articles on her site, My Poetry and Prose Place. I find her posts to be engaging, refreshingly honest and thought provoking. Her posts can be viewed Here. 

13.    Laura Diamond's site, Lucid Dreamer, engages me poetically and psychologically. She is a Psychiatrist and a published author of YA, Paranormal, Dystopia & Horror fiction. Find her posts Here. 

14.    Caleb Mannan is all about poetry. The poetry that he posts on Wheat and Wildflowers has depth and wit, a favorite combo. His posts are Here. 

15.     Jane Isaac posts her honest, daily life articles on Caffeine Is Not A Crime. It was the title that first grabbed my attention. She is a published author of psychological crime thrillers. Check out her posts Here.


  1. Yay! Thank you for thinking of me, Dody. I humbly accept your nomination.

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to read your 7! ((HUGS))

  3. I knew your 7 facts would be exciting and interesting - did not know we had sewers in common too :-) Great blog as always Dody and some great choices to pass the baton onwards.

  4. Aww, thanks so much for mentioning me!

    I love the idea of your book. SO wonderful. Wishing you lots of success!


  5. Dody, How kind of you to give us this award and to put so much effort into studying the "essence" of our blogs. I gladly accept and thank you for that.

  6. Fun to meet you through the Poetry Pact blog hop, Dody. What great stories. I especially loved the hiking one--conquer the trail but get snared by the parking lot. :-)

    1. Hey Laurel! Appreciate your visit to Treasured Encounters. I'm finding my way so will pay you a visit very soon :)

  7. Thank you! I am flattered to appear next to such talented bloggers...I also wanted to thank you for your kindness, and for always taking the time to connect with me in such a meaningful way.

  8. Congratulations on your award and thanks for nominating my blog. I plan to visit all the blogs you listed. Also, the little know facts you gave us are so you and so funny - grape juice between your legs,really??? Your writing always gets to the heart. xoxo