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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

THE BRIDLE PATH - a Review by Kathy Jensen

Kathy Jensen is an avid reader and read 'The Bridle Path' in two afternoon sittings. She also happens to be my wonderful sister. Kathy has chosen to, as she says, "flex my writing muscles," by writing  this, her first book review:
'The Bridle Path, by Julia Hughes, provided me with a delightful, insightful journey of a woman adjusting to instant motherhood after a tragedy takes the lives of her brother and sister-in-law. Her nephew, Sebby, initially withdrawn and uncommunicative, begins to blossom and rediscover his joy in living when his Aunt Matilda buys a lovely home in Cornwall, exposing him to glorious vistas, fresh air, and new friends. Greg, who lives in a nearby farm, gifts Sebby with a horse, giving him opportunities to learn about responsibility and unconditional love.
     The characters are well-drawn, and as an American, much of my delight with this book entailed the descriptive countryside and the British nuances of personality. As the relationships evolve, in particular with Greg and Matilda, I felt myself totally drawn in and expectantly awaiting the outcomes.
     The Bridle Path was written in such a way that it was believable and satisfying when these characters come to love and support and appreciate each other.  
     An excellent read; I heartily recommend it to all!'
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 Julia Hughes is the London born author of the Celtic Cousins' Adventures: A Raucous Time; A Ripple in Time; and An Explosive Time.
The Bridle Path is a stand alone romantic adventure set in the county of Cornwall.
"The Griffin Cryer" is an urban fantasy, soon to be joined by its stable mate, "The Griffin's Boy", in the near future.

Julia is a finalist in the 2013 eFestival of Words Competition:
     "The Griffin Cryer" for Best Fantasy
     Wren, one of the Celtic Cousin's in "A Ripple in Time" for Best Hero.

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Drop by her site,  for flavorful posts, features, book reviews and information regarding current and future projects.  Words Unlimited was designed to support the works of indie authors. WU features back stories of indie authors' books and a wonderful feature, 140 Little Words. Julia's door is always open for submissions!

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My sister, Kathy Jensen, with Maggie, a rescued Cavalier Spaniel who lives with our good friend, Karin.


  1. Thank you Dody, and thank you Kathy:) This is now officially my favourite review of "The Bridle Path"
    and honoured to be the first recipient of Kathy's very first book review.

    Congratulations too on your nomination in the Efestival of Words Awards for non-fiction, this is one of the largest and hardest genres of all. I'm certain your mom is so proud, as always, of her girls.

  2. Always welcome, Julia. 'The Bridle Path' is a treasure! Every one of your novels has enriched not only my reading experience but, more so, taken me along on so many exciting rides, in some pretty fantastical places! Looking forward to the next :-)

  3. Lovely review. Being English I am bias :) No, I love Cornwall and I always love reading about the English countryside. My favourite books are Jamaica Inn and Wuthering Heights... I will try this one too on the basis of this review. Good luck with the competition - I'll be sure to vote x

    1. Since I popped onto Twitter, I've been so drawn towards British authors and their stories - various genres, like bees to flowers :)Looking forward to posting your short story on Sunday!

  4. Thank you Lorraine:) I love "Jamaica Inn" too (and Frenchman's Creek) love Bodmin moors, and love my pasties and saffron cake.

  5. Such fun, first reading The Bridle Path, and then having the pleasure of writing a review for this wonderful book. Julia Hughes has been such an inspiration, but mostly, a good friend to my sister, Dody.