It has always been an interest of mine to consider the nuances involved in my encounters with others, those that are nourishing and even those that are more distasteful for some reason. In recent years, my interest has broadened to include encounters with animals, nature, books, movies and now, online conversations with people who I treasure yet may never meet.

Monday, February 23, 2015

It’s interesting how life takes a turn and you find yourself doing something that you hadn’t planned to do: ADVENTURES IN MOTHER-SITTING has been revised. It has been a few years since the first publication, and due to several factors (friend’s urgings and well-meaning suggestions in a review), I decided to take a second look. It was time for me to read my own memoir.

 I’ve come a long way with regards to my writing abilities thanks to opportunities to be a beta reader of other authors’ stories, continuing to learn the craft, and teaching a GED class of adult students. Receiving helpful feedback from author friends while writing A SACRED JOURNEY, my first fictional story, taught me so much and nourished the writer in me in unexpected ways. I’m indebted to many authors for their support, but in particular to Lisette Brodey and Julia Hughes for their immeasurable helpfulness and confidence in me. So during this past summer, I pulled up the initial file of my memoir, put some glue on my seat, and took a walk back in time through one of the most poignant adventures of my life.

In this revision of ADVENTURES, the storyline itself is unchanged, but it's had a facelift —a cover that was beautifully designed by Charles Roth. I deleted some redundant passages, took out a few chapters (incorporating some parts into other chapters), and refined some of the experiences that I’d had with my mother. I’m told that the descriptions of those are more vividly expressed in this new version because of the way that I’ve learned to craft my words. It helped that time has passed since my mother’s death; my emotions didn’t overwhelm me. Instead, rewriting my memoir helped me go through some residual grieving more easily.
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  1. I love the post, Dody! It's fascinating to hear a reader's reaction to a profound telling of a real life 'Adventure,' but even more so when the reader is the author herself! The passage of time, the honing of skills, the rolling sea of emotions that is life itself...all these change us. That you re-read "Adventures In Mothersitting" long after its original release, embraced all that you loved about it, but gave it the benefit of present-day you-the-writer was brave and talented and loving, and you rock! :-}

  2. I saw your book advertised on Twitter and was drawn to buy it but felt a little scared as I too had nursed my mum in very similar circumstances. It actually took me 18 months to get the courage to buy this book. Without doubt it was a journey from the first page to the very last. I cried with you.I laughed with you.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    I congratulate you on your writing skills.
    Thank you so much. I relived precious memories of mum and our special relationship with every page

  3. Thank you so much, Kath. Since receiving your comment, I've been lapsing back into the memories I had with my mom. I wouldn't trade them for any amount of money, not even the tough segments.
    The best result that has come from writing and publishing AIM is a sound realization that so many others have gone through similar circumstances. I'm heartened by your reliving experience. We are united in spirit!